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Sometime we have no choice but to charge our phones in public, especially if you’re the type that travels a lot and you find yourself low on battery in the middle of the day. However one of the predicaments we face is how we can’t just leave our phones lying about and go to the bathroom, right? What if someone came along and just stole our brand new iPhone?

If that is one of your concerns, fret not as the iCharge charging dock for iOS devices actually comes built in with a camera with built-in motion activated recording, meaning if someone were to take your device off the dock while you’re not around, they will be caught on film. It can be connected to a TV for viewing and will come with a 4GB SD card which can be expanded up to 32GB. Unfortunately such gimmicks will set you back a pretty penny, so expect to pay $395 for the iCharge iPhone/iPad Docking Station Covert Hidden Camera.

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