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apple-logo2Now make no mistake about it, this is definitely an April Fool’s Day joke. Apple, the company with an insane market capitalization, has announced that they will be offering a cool $20 billion for the company known as Xiaomi, which as churned out their fair share of smartphones in recent times.

It is all too funny to read, especially when you take into consideration how Tim Cook was “quoted” to say that Xiaomi had the nerve to copy Apple’s products without a tinge of guilt, and not only that, this particular takeover would allow Apple to put an end to such a practice. Of course, it does not hurt that Xiaomi has taken Apple’s designs and churned out better handsets along the way, too.

Such an announcement certainly has an impact on the global markets, with Apple growing by another 50-plus percent in under three minutes on the NYSE, with Hugo Barra resigning along the way. Surely this would have been a groundbreaking announcement to say the least – if it were true, that is.

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