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jetblue-apple-payIt looks like Apple Pay has gained a whole lot of traction ever since it was announced last year, and you can say that this service will literally take to the skies, as JetBlue has just announced that they will be the first U.S. airline that will accept the mobile payment system when it comes to in-flight purchases of “premium offerings.” After all, the airline did take notice that majority of the passengers happen to have their handset nearby whenever they purchased a snack or an amenity.

JetBlue noted that it does offer passengers “EatUp snack boxes and à la carte food options from the EatUp Café, premium beverages, onboard amenities and Even More Space seating.” Basically, as long as you own the Apple iPhone 6, the Apple iPhone 6 Plus and in the future, the Apple Watch, those hardware which play nice with Apple Pay can then be used to pay for such items. The flight crew will have an Apple iPad mini with special NFC-enabled cases which will run the the Inflight Service Assistant app, allowing such Apple Pay transactions to be made while you’re in the sky. How neat is that? [Press Release]

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