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iPhone 6 Plus owners, listen up! You might not want to hear about this particular development concerning your spanking new device, but you might want to take note of the situation. After all, making out like an ostrich with one’s head buried underneath the sand is not going to help the situation, and basically we are looking at the iPhone 6 Plus being able to be bent using one’s hands alone, and nothing else.

This bit of information is depicted in the video as seen above, and it follows up on earlier reports that the iPhone 6 Plus end up looking bent after spending a fair amount of time in the front pocket of its users. It does take a fair amount of effort for one to bend the iPhone 6 Plus with one’s hands, but the fact that it is possible to do so might prove to be rather disconcerting to some. Needless to say, the larger footprint does play a role, not to mention aluminum being a rather malleable element does not help the iPhone 6 Plus’ case. This might just see more people go ahead with the iPhone 6 instead of its larger sized sibling.

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