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sprint_logoIt was in October last year that the folks over at Sprint updated their iPhone for Life plan, where $80 a month would net you an Apple iPhone 6 on lease for a couple of years, alongside a plan that has unlimited talk, text and data. Of course, if you would prefer the larger iPhone 6 Plus, it would cost you from $85 monthly onward. It seems that Sprint intends to push the envelope further – at $100 a month, the iPhone 6, iPad mini 3, unlimited talk, text and data on the phone and 2GB of data for the tablet will be all yours.

If one were to run the numbers through a calculator, you would have to spend approximately $117 monthly, which means Sprint’s recently revealed plan would help you out with a 15% savings in total – that would amount up to $17. Of course, leasing the devices would mean you would need to make sure that your handset is more carefully taken care of than normal, but then again, you will always have the latest products at the end of a 2-year cycle. Not too shabby a deal, don’t you think so?

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