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OnePlus-iPhone-CaseNow here’s an iPhone 6S case that will certainly turn heads, especially when you take into consideration its name which is known as the OnePlus iPhone 6S case. That’s rather weird, don’t you think so? It will certainly take some getting used to before the name rolls off your tongue naturally. Well, we do know that The OnePlus iPhone 6S case can now be purchased for $19.99 a pop, and no, you do not need any kind of invite before you can snag one for yourself.

Each purchase will also be accompanied by an invitation to purchase a OnePlus X, just in case, you know, you would like to tread the Android waters. All in all, it comes in the kind of material as found on the OnePlus One and OnePlus X, which makes it a whole lot harder to lose grip of when you hold it – which is good!

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