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FoxconnIf you own an Apple device such as the iPhone or iPad then you should be familiar with Foxconn, the contractor that Apple has hired to help piece their gadgets together. You’ve also heard of the not-so-great working conditions that Foxconn workers have to endure, and while we can’t say for sure that those reports are true or have been exaggerated, needless to say that they don’t paint Foxconn in a good light.

As it turns out, the company has announced that they will start to use robots in their plants, increasing the 10,000 robots they have working for them now to 1 million in 3 years. This will probably replace the jobs of current Foxconn workers but on the plus side those robots should be taking the pressure off the other workers, which hopefully will help to reduce the stress levels.

Perhaps these robots will also help to push out iOS devices quicker too, so we may be looking at less delays and faster shipping times as well.

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