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instagram-android-app-1It looks like China, the country that has the Great Wall which so happens to be one of the new seven wonders of the world, is also known as the country that has the Great Firewall. After all, the government does wield a considerable amount of influence and control over its citizens, especially in the kind of media that they can or cannot enjoy. Having said that, here we are with all of the pro-democracy protests happening in Hong Kong that China has clamped down on the use of Instagram.

Yes sir, you read that right. China has blocked access Instagram over on the mainland, and it can be speculated that the whole point of doing so is to prevent images of the demonstrations from spreading beyond the borders of Hong Kong, as Instagram continues to function just fine in that part of the world. It does not look as though restrictions on Instagram over in China will be lifted up anytime soon as long as the protests continue, and hopefully it will not end up with a permanent ban.

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