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iphone-3gs-batteryChildren can be exceptionally adorable at times, and they also happen to say the darndest things when you least expect them to. One great attribute about children would be their innocence – and how they are upright honest with you regardless of the matter at hand. Hence, when Sorin Stroilescu saw his old and faithful iPhone 3GS that was sitting on a shelf broken, he thought that the culprit was one of his daughters. Sitting down and berating them, they denied that they had anything to do with it. Sorin then checked up on the situation and realized that they were telling the truth after all – as the iPHone 3GS’ battery swelled up by itself, pushing out the screen in the process.

This grotesque look of what used to be a flagship smartphone is a definite turn off, and imagine what would have happened had Sorin actually be using the handset when the “big bang” happened? I wonder if consumer electronics should come with a “Best Used By” date after all, just like other kinds of fast moving consumer goods.

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