facetimehires Apple Explores FaceTime Hardware For The Enterprise Market (Rumor)Apple’s FaceTime service continues to grow from strength to strength, and you can be more or less sure that this is one particular aspect of service from Apple that will not get discontinued anytime soon. In fact, we have explored the possibility of Apple developing a version of FaceTime that could see action in an enterprise environment, as it offers a higher-resolution version to boot.

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It goes without saying that modern day smartphones tend to receive new models at a rather predictive pace these days – we are talking about one per year or so. The iPhone 4S was the bee’s knees when it first came out, but how does it fare today? In the comparison video above that pits the iPhone 4S against the iPhone 5c by running Modern Combat 5, you will be able to see the stark difference in performance between the two handsets.

This should not come across as a surprise however, since the iPhone 4S was released a good three years ago, and while Modern Combat 5 remains playable on the iPhone 4S, those who do spend most of their time gaming on the Apple smartphone might want to upgrade their handset to a later model since developers do not seem to bother too much about supporting decent performance on a legacy device. Which is natural, at least, as it helps drive the industry forward in some ways.

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nokia x Nokia X Platform UpdatedNokia might be a name that many would associate with Windows Phone at the moment, but do remember that the manufacturer also has danced a little dance with Android before, in the manner of the family of Nokia X devices. However, the future of Nokia X devices does not look too bright at all, but this does not mean that Nokia is going to let it go down without a fight. No sir, word on the street has it that there is a new update for the Nokia X platform that will bring once missing features to the Nokia X, Nokia X+, and the Nokia XL.

In fact, one of the most important additions would be the App Switcher, where users are then able to check out just what kind of apps are running at the moment on the smartphone, as well as allow folks to open up the particular app that they fancy at that point in time. Other than being able to cycle between these different apps, the update would also deliver a bunch of Microsoft apps and services, ranging from Outlook.com to OneDrive and OneNote.

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ascend mate3 Huawei Ascend Mate 3 To Arrive This September (Rumor)Huawei is no pushover when it comes to their collection of smartphones, that is for sure. In fact, their latest model is said to arrive this coming September, where it will carry the name Huawei Ascend Mate 3 which is tipped to roll out in time to go up against the yet unreleased Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Just what kind of hardware will the alleged Huawei Ascend Mate 3 pack then, so that it can go toe to toe against the mighty Galaxy Note series? Well, how about a Full HD 6” display for starters? Sure, it is not quite Quad HD quality, but it will suffice – at least for now. Not only that, do expect the Huawei Ascend Mate 3 to run on the Hisilicon Kirin 920 processor, and word on the street has it that this particular phablet will be launched in China across three major mobile carriers, not to mention arriving in three versions to boot.

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htconem8 glamor red HTC One (M8) To Arrive In Windows Phone Flavor?When it comes to high end smartphones, you can be sure that the HTC One (M8) happens to be one of the front runner models out there in the market that not only performs well, it also looks good to boot each time you pull it out from your handbag or pocket. In fact, it is widely expected by industry insiders for HTC to actually “recycle” the HTC One (M8)’s design for an upcoming Windows Phone device, which could be known as the HTC One (W8) when it arrives over in Verizon before September comes to a close – at least according to rumors on the street.

While the upcoming HTC One (W8) is touted to resemble the HTC One (M8) in many aspects, including the Duo Camera and BoomSound speakers, rumor has it that the smartphone will be based on the yet unannounced model that is known as the A9, which is also whispered to deliver high end specifications at a mid-range price point. Only time will be able to confirm or dispel any or all of the rumors, so we shall wait patiently on this.

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gs5 alpha 6 Alleged Samsung Galaxy S5 Alpha Image LeakedThe Samsung Galaxy S5 Alpha has been talked about for quite some time now, and here we have an image of the alleged smartphone, despite the fact that it has not yet been officially announced by the masses. It is no doubt smaller than the existing Galaxy S5 flagship device that stands at 5.1”, while carrying a different design despite carrying similar design elements such as a perforated back cover.

A 4.7-inch display is said to accompany the Galaxy S5 Alpha, and as for the resolution count, that remains to be determined. It does look as though it is going to be a tussle between Full HD or Quad HD, but somehow the former does seem to make more sense since a 4.7” display with 1,440 x 2,560 (Quad HD) resolution might be overkill.

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iphone6 dummy colors Apples E Wallet Could See Fall DebutThe iPhone 6 has been slated for a September announcement according to the latest round of rumors, and along with that, we could also see the possible release of a new mobile payment system that will enable iPhone owners to pay for their purchases instead of relying on cold, hard cash or a credit card. The Information cites sources that claim to have insider information that Apple is currently negotiating with partner companies to introduce an e-wallet system which will rival Google Wallet later this fall.

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htconem8 glamor red O2 UK To Offer HTC One (M8) Glamour Red VersionFancy picking up a smartphone that comes in a color which is able to distract bulls in charging towards you? All right, it is not so much the color, but rather, the image of a cloth waving that enrages the bull, but here is the HTC One (M8) Glamor Red version that is tipped to be on its way over to the UK. Folks over in the US can already wrap their fingers around this thanks to Verizon, but come this August 4, expect Glamor Red to keep Amber Gold and Metal Grey colors company.

Other than the change in its external hue, everything else underneath the hood will remain the same, as the we also hear whispers of two more colors that the folks over at HTC are working on when it comes to pushing their existing flagship even further – an Aqua Blue version, as well as a pink version that is in the pipeline.

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mi3 soldout Xiaomi Mi3 Sells Out In Under 40 Minutes In IndiaNormally, a sign that shows just how successful a smartphone is depends largely on how fast that particular device sells out when released, but maintaining the sales momentum is another issue that we will not touch on today when it concerns the Xiaomi Mi3 that was revealed in India. In fact, the handset sold out all of its available units in 38 minutes and 50 seconds as it was proudly announced by Xiaomi,setting up the stage for the next batch which will hopefully be able to continue in this particular trend. In fact, registrations for the Xiaomi Mi3 hit the 100,000 figure not too long ago, but it remains to be seen just how many actual units were sold.

One does have ground to say that this could very well be some sort of publicity stunt, as Xiaomi announces that their smartphones which get sold out in under an hour is due to high demand, but the relatively limited availability also plays a huge role. Still, it is encouraging to see how a $230 smartphone is doing relatively well in the world’s second most populous country.

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huawei hp slate HP Tablets Could Be Rebranded Huawei DevicesHP has indulged in the tablet market for quite a number of years already, although they have not exactly been the most successful of companies in this particular niche. This time around, it does look as though HP will be preparing a couple of new tablets – that do seem to obtain a strong influence from Huawei, so much so that they could very well be just rebranded devices.

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