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meizumx5leakIf you happen to be rocking to a Meizu MX5 smartphone, then you would be pleased to hear that a spanking new update has been made available for this particular smartphone – with the rollout of the Flyme 5.0 that will arrive on the flagship device. This is a brand new firmware that will see the Flyme launcher hit the 5.0 mark, although your Android version will still remain the same. Being an OTA download, you should need around 940MB of free space, although more is required when it boils down to the unpacking and installation processes.

The new Flyme 5.0 will see a flatter UI with refined icons and animations, superior battery life compared to before and overall stability and performance improvements. Downloading it at the moment can be quite slow due to Meizu’s servers being overwhelmed, so you might want to wait for a day or two before trying again as it can be quite frustrating at this point in time.

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