OnePlus might have just announced their latest smartphone, which is known as the OnePlus X, but this does not mean that it has not forgotten all about software. Their latest app would be a photo app, where it will be known as Reflexion, and you will be able to download it not only for the Android but iOS platform as well.

The video above would be able to do a far better job in explaining just what Reflexion is all about, where it will allow you to come up with all kinds of illusions using reflections – or in this case, “reflexions”, at least according to the folks over at OnePlus. It will offer a unique perspective of its own, and will deliver some really interesting images. Right now, it looks as though the app enables you to grab an image with the front camera, while the back camera will also shoot another photo – hence a “reflexion”.

There is no actual purpose that has been defined for this app just yet, but perhaps we might find out later? It is definitely artsy for sure!

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whosdownDo you remember the good old days of IRC and later on ICQ? I can still remember my 8 digit ICQ number, although I am quite sure that a fair number of you veterans out there do have an ICQ number that has far less digits, which is a badge of honor even until now. You could more or less see who was online among your list of friends, although there was the option to go invisible. Google has quietly rolled out a new app known as “Who’s Down”, where it will let you check out just who you would like to hang out with. How so?

For starters, when you turn on a switch that mentions you’re available and would like to do something specific (it is up to you, actually, so whether it is you carving out time to hang out at the mall or to grab a bite), then your desired status will appear with a question to invite anyone who has the same mind among your friends to join you. This status will last for three hours, and makes it easier to coordinate your desired plans with your mates.

I guess the Who’s Down app’s goal is to provide a platform where a group of friends can check out what you would like to do at a glance, as opposed to messaging one another on a group chat channel or the like. Your ego will also be protected in some way, since there is no way you can get turned down – because technically speaking, you didn’t ask anyone to join you directly. Who’s Down is available for the Android and iOS platforms.

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lg-v10-promoSo, you are thinking of upgrading your smartphone to a newer model that will be more suitable for your use, especially when it comes to storage? Well, why not take the LG V10 into consideration, as right now, LG is about to launch a new promotion that will see you be on the receiving end of a free 200GB microSD memory card, an additional 3,000mAh battery, and a battery charging cradle if you happen to bring home an LG V10 between October 30 and November 15 this year.

Of course, there are caveats to look out for. Eligibility is based on purchasing the LG V10 from a carrier, national retailer, or online dealer, and some of the qualifying retailers include the likes of AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Amazon, Best Buy, or a carrier-authorized retailer. After picking up the phone, you then have to submit details such as contact information, the purchase location of the smartphone, a snapshot of the V10 box with its accompanying IMEI number, and an upload of a legible copy of the receipt. Online submissions will have to be received by November 30, while mail-in submissions have the leeway of being received by December 7, although it needs to be postmarked by November 30.

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meizumx5leakIf you happen to be rocking to a Meizu MX5 smartphone, then you would be pleased to hear that a spanking new update has been made available for this particular smartphone – with the rollout of the Flyme 5.0 that will arrive on the flagship device. This is a brand new firmware that will see the Flyme launcher hit the 5.0 mark, although your Android version will still remain the same. Being an OTA download, you should need around 940MB of free space, although more is required when it boils down to the unpacking and installation processes.

The new Flyme 5.0 will see a flatter UI with refined icons and animations, superior battery life compared to before and overall stability and performance improvements. Downloading it at the moment can be quite slow due to Meizu’s servers being overwhelmed, so you might want to wait for a day or two before trying again as it can be quite frustrating at this point in time.

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nexus-5x-6pFor those of you out there who happen to reside in the US, here is news for you – the handset itself has started to ship for folks who have placed a pre-order for this flagship smartphone will be pleased to know that the handset has started to ship in this particular region.

Just to refresh our memories, the Nexus 6P will cost $500 a pop for the 32GB model, while those who would want double the amount of storage space will have to fork out another $50 more, and a $650 price tag will accompany the 128GB model. As for our friends who happen to live in the Great White North, the launch of it will be delayed by a week because of some “supply issues”, which points to a possible November 2 release date.

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oneplus2-4gb-ramIt looks like the folks over at OnePlus have made a pretty sensible decision – that is, to make sure that the invite for its smartphone, dubbed to be a 2016 flagship killer; never mind the fact that 2016 is not here yet, and you can be sure that there will be plenty of new handsets next year that will come with souped up hardware specifications, has been extended beyond the 24 hour mark.

In fact, it makes a whole lot more sense for the OnePlus 2 invites to last for a period of three days now, which will surely go some way in helping users not to miss out on the invites that have been sent through email. Apart from that, the extended period will also offer users additional options when it comes to claiming their invites at a more convenient time to them.

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liquid-jade-primo-leakIt looks like Acer’s maiden foray into the Windows 10 smartphone market will be an interesting one, where we are talking about the Acer Liquid Jade Primo. This particular model was first seen in Berlin at IFA at the beginning of last month, although back then, there was no pricing attached to the handset. An Acer presentation of the device over in the Philippines has revealed that the Liquid Jade Primo will be released in December in that part of the world for PHP18,990 a pop, which would be roughly $408 or €367 thereabouts at the prevailing exchange rate.

Expect the Liquid Jade Primo to ship with a 5.5” 1080p touchscreen, a 21MP camera at the back with a dual-LED flash, an 8MP shooter in front, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 808 chipset, 3GB of RAM, and 32GB of internal memory.

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droid-turbo-2-coverIt looks like there is more to the Motorola Droid Turbo 2 that we can look at this time around, where the smartphone is set to be the very first Droid-branded smartphone that is set to be made available to the masses via Moto Maker. Just in case you were wondering, Moto Maker happens to be Motorola’s very own online hardware customization service. The newly leaked image points to a variety of back covers – perhaps even all of them, where it seems that some are made out of leather, others carrying the possibility of a kevlar case, or perhaps some kind of fabric.

As for the hardware specifications, the Droid Turbo 2 is tipped to arrive with a “shatterproof” QHD display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 SoC, 3GB of RAM, 32GB or 64GB of internal memory, and a generous 3,760 mAh battery. Can’t wait for October 27th for the official unveiling!

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nubia-z9-eliteZTE must have taken a look at the half year old Nubia Z9 Max and Nubia Z9 Mini and decided that both devices are due for an upgrade. However, the overall design has not seen a radical departure from its general design, and neither has most of the hardware specifications seen a change. What then, has undergone an update along the way?

For starters, the handsets will now be known as the ZTE Nubia Z9 Max Elite Edition and the ZTE Nubia Z9 Mini Elite Edition, where promotional flyers of both devices have already leaked out in China. The Nubia Z9 Max Elite would pick up a fingerprint sensor that is located in its side-mounted power button, and will also see the introduction of a USB Type-C port to boot, but everything else would be similar to its predecessor.

As for the Nubia Z9 Mini Elite, the only change would be the addition of 1GB of RAM to bring the total to 3GB of RAM, with eye pattern recognition too. No idea if they will be available for purchase outside of China or not.

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Sony_logoIf you are rocking to the following devices from Sony – the Xperia Z3+, Xperia Z4 Tablet, Xperia C4, Xperia C5 Ultra, Xperia M4 Aqua, and Xperia M5, then perhaps it is time to sit up and take notice. It seems that support pages for all of these six devices have listed down Android 6.0 Marshmallow as the next version of the OS which will be arriving, never mind the fact that all of them happen to run on Android 5.0 Lollipop at the moment.

If true and all turns out according to plan, then it would mean that Sony would have given the Android 5.1.1 Lollipop update a miss, diving straight into development for Android 6.0 Marshmallow which has already been released. Still, it might take some time, so to see Android 6.0 Marshmallow arrive some time this year on the listed devices would most probably happen next year rather than in 2015.

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