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karalux-priv-1Back in the day, it was anathema to think that Apple computers would run on Intel processors, and Apple machines would have Microsoft Office running on them. Well, those days have long since arrived and gone, and it looks like to hear of a BlackBerry device running on Android? Now that’s what is going to happen with the BlackBerry Priv, where the folks over at Vietnam-based Karalux have something special up their sleeves for this handset, that is, by offering a gold-plating service.

It is going to be more challenging than usual though, as Karalux shared, “Unlike the previous generations, it is a little bit more difficult to disassemble BlackBerry Priv. Karalux engineers took nearly 2 hours to ‘operate’ its details, and spent 4 more hours with more than 10 different procedures to complete the first gold-plated BlackBerry Priv in Vietnam.”

The handset and gold-plating will cost $1,111 thereabouts, whereas international customers will have to fork out more at approximately $1,350 to bring one of these puppies back home. [Press Release]

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