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Samsung_logoIt looks like the closer a particular handset gets to being released, there will definitely be more and more rumors surrounding it which will appear. As for the Samsung Galaxy S7, well, plenty has been said about it so far, and here is something else for us to chew over – apparently, it will be released next year. Just when, to be exact? How does February 21st sound to you? The latest rumor claims that particular date, which means it will be revealed earlier than its predecessor earlier this year, which would be approximately 8 days thereabouts earlier.

Perhaps the new timing has something to do with the Mobile World Congress schedule, as MWC 2016 will only kick off on February 22nd in Barcelona next year, whereas this year, it began on March 2nd. Hence, if this particular rumor were to turn out to be true, then it would mean that Samsung would like to hold its major event right before MWC starts. As with any other good rumor, one ought to take it with a pinch of salt.

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