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iPhone-4-01-620x465I am quite sure that many of us who own smartphones these days will still be able to remember just how the original iPhone made such an impact on the world when it was first launched in 2007. Of course, while there were other handsets that featured 3G connectivity even back then, the iPhone remained connected with just EDGE, which was a notch down, but that did not stop it from selling by the bucketloads, having changed the way smartphone designed worked even on rival platforms since then until today. apparently, the original iPhone was known by its codename ‘Purple’ back then, where it was worked upon by a team of engineers in a building that was nicknamed the ‘Purple Dorm’.

Dorm is very apt here, considering how many of the engineers on the project team had to live and sleep there while they perfected the iPhone to prepare it for an on-time launch. There was many security checkpoints in that building, with double and triple security checks not being uncommon. Not only that, no one was allowed to talk about the Purple project outside of the Purple Dorm, and we do wonder whether Apple has continued to name their upcoming projects using color codenames.

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