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It goes without saying that modern day smartphones tend to receive new models at a rather predictive pace these days – we are talking about one per year or so. The iPhone 4S was the bee’s knees when it first came out, but how does it fare today? In the comparison video above that pits the iPhone 4S against the iPhone 5c by running Modern Combat 5, you will be able to see the stark difference in performance between the two handsets.

This should not come across as a surprise however, since the iPhone 4S was released a good three years ago, and while Modern Combat 5 remains playable on the iPhone 4S, those who do spend most of their time gaming on the Apple smartphone might want to upgrade their handset to a later model since developers do not seem to bother too much about supporting decent performance on a legacy device. Which is natural, at least, as it helps drive the industry forward in some ways.

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