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putinphoneAny device worth its salt in the market would need to get updated from time to time, and the Putinphone remains the same. You might not have heard of it, but this is a luxury handset for the Russian market, where Russian phone customization company Caviar has decided to update the Putinphone in conjunction with the Russian President’s 63rd birthday.

There will be similar internals, although the outside gets a massive, major facelift – Vladimir Putin’s face will be encrusted in gold on the back, and there are some lines from the Russian national anthem alongside the presidential emblem. A titanium base will see action here, where its color, texture, and strength characteristics of titanium are said to be an accurate reflection of “the essence of a strong, invincible and strong-willed character, inherent to the person who never gives up”.

Officially known as the Caviar Ti Gold Supremo Putin «Anniversario Edizione 63», it will retail for RUB 199,000 ($3,174) for the 64GB model, while the asking price for the128GB model stands at RUB 209,000 ($3,334).

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