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iphone5cApple might seem as though they are a company that sells plenty of “magical” devices, considering how the sales of their hardware has been phenomenal to say the least. The iPhone 5s, especially the gold version, has proved to itself to be quite a desirable smartphone, but what about the iPhone 5c? It seems that the iPhone 5c has not exactly been doing too well all this while, and rumor has it that Apple is currently working on rolling out a new 8GB iPhone 5c which could happen as early as this week.

This could be seen to be a bid to be a catalyst of this smartphone that has experienced a whole lot of lethargy in terms of sales to date. The big question is, how will this particular smartphone be positioned, if this rumor is true that is, against the other only 8GB capacity iPhone that is in the market, the iPhone 4s? Only time will be able to tell.

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