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kyocera-c6750Another day, another handset hits the FCC before it is thrown to the lions, and by lions here, I mean those who are more than happy to tear into a particular device before it has the chance to prove itself. Most folks who are along that line of thinking would most probably make short work of the Kyocera C6750, since this is no flagship smartphone and neither has it raised any alarm bells or red flags in anybody’s books.

Having made it through the FCC’s approval, we do know that the Kyocera C6750 will be a world phone that supports Verizon Wireless’ spectrum bands in addition to GSM/WCDMA 850/1900 bands, accompanied by Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, being water resistant to a certain extent, and also sporting a camera with flash and a microUSB port. No idea on when it will arrive though.

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