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torqueIf you and your smartphone never really had a decent relationship, where I mean you tend to drop it, break the display, send it down into the toilet bowl, all of it by accident and not on purpose, perhaps it is time to take stock of the situation and settle for a tougher handset. If that is your exact predicament, then you would do well to check out the Kyocera Torque that is now available from Wirefly for $29.99, where it is accompanied by a 2-year warranty.

Just how tough is the Kyocera Torque? Well, Wirefly decided to put it through the paces by placing the handset in a washing machine for a full 33 minute wash cycle, before it was placed in a bowl of water which was subsequently frozen for up to 15 hours. Taking a couple of hours after that for it to thaw out, the Kyocera Torque was dropped from a height of 15 feet – twice, and the Kyocera Torque passed with flying colors. Isn’t that mighty impressive?

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