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vzw-nexus6I am quite sure that many people have already heard word concerning a Verizon-branded model of the Nexus 6 for quite some time already. Well, one can only say that the stock-powered Android phablet has been a rather difficult “creature” to spot – where even Google CFO Patrick Pichette did admit last month that they were unable to obtain enough inventory in order to cover demand for the device. The Nexus 6 can be considered to be a success in this sense, and it seems that Verizon subscribers can hope to see it arrive soon.

After all, that is what it looks like through a leaked marketing material that points to such a possibility. The label that is on the package itself did mention that it is Merchandising material from Verizon, and there was the specific phrase “Nexus 6 Launch” spotted there. True or otherwise, all that we can do is sit tight and wait.

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