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Budget-iPhone-2Ever wonder what Apple’s low-cost iPhone could look like? According to the rumors, some are saying that it will feature a plastic body, while other rumors claim that ceramic might play a role in the low-cost iPhone as well. Either way while the existence of the device may or may not be real, Nickolay Lamm has come up with his own take on the low-cost iPhone, and based on what we see, we wouldn’t mind if the device actually turned out to look like that! As you can see in the render above, this particular concept is reminiscent of Apple’s iMac G3 back in the day. For those who forgot, the iMac G3 was one of the iMacs that helped bring Apple back into the mainstream with its translucent body and its availability in a multitude of bright colors, a stark contrast to Apple’s design language today which seems a bit more somber. While we doubt Apple would release such a whimsical looking device, the recent iPod touch lineup with its variety of colors might suggest otherwise, but then again this is merely a concept so take it for what it’s worth.

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