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Firstly, we’ve had Samsung throwing a 5.3” ‘phablet’ at us and now it looks like they really are doing what they have been saying they want to. According to recent online reports, Samsung have stated that they want to offer a device for every individual’s needs. If you want a whopping big screen, you can go for the aforementioned Galaxy Note and now it seems that FCC has cleared a device that is on the other side of the spectrum, the Galaxy Pocket.

This cute little device packing Android Gingerbread OS has been heard about since earlier last month and has finally showed its little profile off on the doors of the FCC. While there are still no details about its launch in the US, when it does come out you can be sure of a very attractive price or maybe even free with a contract. The specs are not exactly ground-breaking but they are decent.

The Galaxy Pocket will come with a 2.8” screen, Android 2.3 Gingerbread, an 832 MHz processor, 3GB internal storage with a 2MB rear snapper which should be fine for taking average shots. It is not unusual for someone to walk into a retailer or carrier and ask for an inexpensive phone with average functionality and this might be it. Online rumors have mentioned that the device is most likely to land on AT&T first when it does come to U.S. Besides that, we will keep you updated.

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