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possiblenexus5-fccI am quite sure that by now, just about everyone are pretty sure that the Nexus 5 made an extremely short debut in the Android 4.4 KitKat unveiling video recently, and the folks at the FCC could very well have come up with something interesting. This set of photos do seem to point to a possible LG Nexus 5, as its back has been revealed to show off a finish that is rather similar to the alleged Nexus 5 in the KitKat unveiling video.

How does one be more certain about such speculation? Well, for starters, both the camera and flash do seem to line up on a similar spot, but there is also the sighting of a small window which is visible near the top of the alleged Nexus 5. Ah well, patience would best be practiced here, as I am quite sure that more will be revealed in due time.

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