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Compared to some of its Android competition, the iPhone certainly packs a much smaller screen measuring at 3.5” which unfortunately might make certain things harder to read, even more so for elderly folk or those who might not have good eyesight. Granted one could always pinch to zoom for webpages, it can be quite frustrating having to scroll left and right, which is why this Kickstarter project, MagniCase, is hoping to change that.

As the name implies, MagniCase is a case for your iPhone device that sports a magnifying glass at the same time. According to its creators, the MagniCase will use a Fresnel lens with 250 grooves per inch, allowing a resolution equivalent to the new iPad’s Retina display, although we’re not sure how relevant that would be since this is the iPhone we’re talking about.

On top of doubling up as a magnifier, the MagniCase will also be able to prop your iPhone up and act as a stand for you to FaceTime or to watch videos. For more information on the MagniCase or if you’d like to pledge a donation to get the project off the ground, head on down to its Kickstarter page for the details.

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