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There have been plenty of iPhone 5 cases surfacing. Many seem to suggest that it will feature a new design in the shape of a teardrop body. We know that case manufacturers are trying to get their cases out the door ASAP the minute the iPhone 5 drops, so by having an edge, as in leaked information, they will be able to put their cases out in the market faster than their competitors.

The reason so many cases have popped up is that according to recent news, a Foxconn worker managed to smuggle out an iPhone 5 prototype and sold it to case manufacturers for 20,000 Yuan, which is about $3,100. The reason no one has managed to locate the device is because thanks to a “kill switch” activated by Apple, it fried the GPS in the device as well, thus preventing any form of retrieval.

As much as we’d like to believe the iPhone 5 will indeed sport a new design, we will have to wait until Apple’s announcement on the 4th of October before anything is confirmed.

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