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iphone5-black-goldDiamonds are a girl’s best friend, although I am quite sure that the guys would not mind owning a fair number of diamonds that they can call their own in order to live comfortably afterwards. Stuart Hughes, a name that is extremely familiar with those who love luxury tech items, has been given a task to create the iPhone 5 Black Diamond, where it cost a whopping £10,000,000 eventually. It seems that a Hong Kong businessman who has had this black diamond as a family heirloom, decided to pass it over to Stuart to create the iPhone 5 Black Diamond.

This black diamond would be its home button, where the key has been taken out and replaced by a 26-carat flawless black deep cut diamond, hence the name of this unique handset. There are hundreds of other precious gems that dot the entire handset’s surface, numbering at around 600 flawless white diamonds. 53 of these have been used to recreate the Apple logo that is located at the back, while an entire piece of solid gold has been used for the logo’s foundation. It sure is going to be painful if you were to lose this handset.

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