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foxbotsWe did bring you word earlier in the week that Foxconn will be deploying robots (given the nickname Foxbots) in their bid to improve the assembly of future devices, and that might also include the upcoming iPhone 6. While that did raise the question as to whether Foxconn workers will lose their jobs, especially when it comes to the iPhone 6 assembly line considering how Foxconn had been a great customer of Appleā€™s in the past when it came to churning out smartphones by the millions, it seems that these robots will play a supporting role only, and will remain unable to perform selected tasks that require a far more subtle assembly or manufacturing procedures – something that only humans are able to do.

These robots can automate selected tasks including tightening screws, placing larger components in position or polishing certain components, but to have them assemble internal hardware components, will require human employees to play that role. Considering how approximately 10,000 Foxbots are in the pipeline to see action, it would also mean a collective sigh of relief for at least 10,000 Foxconn workers.

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