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foxconn-suicideIt seems that Foxconn is a company that is never too far away from controversy, despite them being one of the main beneficiaries with Apple’s emergence as a global power when it comes to the tablet and smartphone market. Foxconn’s working conditions have always been questioned, with reports of employee suicide dogging the company in recent times. In fact, Foxconn has even installed huge nets in an effort to catch “jumpers”, namely employees who make an attempt at ending their lives by jumping off of the facility buildings.

It seems that there is a new report going around, alleging that Foxconn has started to fire employees who are said to be suicidal, or exhibit such tendencies. The source of this story? A 27-year old ex-employee known as Zhang claims that he took sleeping pills because he was suffering from insomnia, although a co-worker reported him as having suicidal tendencies. Foxconn dropped him from their payroll due to “disrupting order” as the main reason.

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