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There are times when having the latest update for your software might not necessarily mean that’s a good thing which seems to be the case for the iOS’s latest update – 4.3.3 which was supposed to further reduce the cache size for location services in an attempt to further protect the users privacy.

However on top of reducing the cache size of the location services it has also disrupted WiFi connections on either iPhone or iPad devices as seen by an increasing number of complaints on Apple’s discussion board.

The complaints include weak signals to no signals and to signals that just aren’t very stable and all of this varies from user to user but the underlying message is that most of them seem to think that perhaps the latest iOS 4.3.3 update may have very well caused this disruption. As of now there has been word from Apple with regards to this issue but if the complaints continue to build up sufficient evidence there is a very good chance we will be seeing another update for the iOS very soon.

Have you upgraded to iOS 4.3.3? If you have are you experiencing any of the issues a lot of users seem to be facing?

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