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sprint_Both Boingo Wireless as well as Sprint has just announced a multi-year Wi-Fi agreement. In other words, this particular agreement will deliver access to seamless and secure Boingo Wi-Fi networks across 35 major airports ver in the U.S. This will make use of Boingo’s industry-leading network technology, where connecting to Wi-Fi will soon be a snap, and is as safe as cellular.

Basically, all Sprint devices that are within proximity of a Boingo hotspot can connect automatically to the Wi-Fi network without missing a beat, offering service at the fastest speeds available, regardless of whether that cellular is from Sprint or Wi-Fi from Boingo. Thanks to the auto-authenticating Wi-Fi connections, they are available at no extra charge to all Sprint customers who happen to have capable devices, while usage when connected to Wi-Fi will not eventually count towards a customer’s monthly service plan.

Sprint and Boingo has already conducted successful market trials through millions of Sprint handsets, and it has clearly shown the consumer benefits of effortless authentication onto Boingo’s network. [Press Release]

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