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Another interesting Kickstarter project, the Sthreeam, one that will allow iPhone users to shoot in 3D! If you’ve been envious of the other phones in the market that allow for the shooting of videos in 3D then fret not as it looks like there’s no a solution for you.

Currently the project is still attempting to raise funds, $50,000 in total. Basically what it does is that it attaches a dongle to the dock of your iPhone with another camera attached to it. Don’t expect to be filming the next Avatar with it because it is only able to record in VGA at 30fps for the moment, perhaps due to costs or technology, but it looks like that is all you will be able to squeeze out of the device.

If that sounds like something you would be interested in, just head on down to their Kickstarter website and donate to their project. A pledge of $50 will guarantee you the device when the project is fully funded and they start production.

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