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Just how tough is the new iPhone 6 Plus? This particular smartphone might seem as though it is up for just about anything and everything, but chances are pretty good not only for the iPhone 6 Plus, but any other smartphone or consumer electronics device that you put up to simply break apart when it is on the receiving end of a Barrett M82A1 50-caliber sniper rifle. After all, this is some serious firepower that we are talking about here.

The iPhone 6 Plus meets its grisly end in a video that you can check out above, where high speed cameras have managed to get the job done well, letting us sit comfortably in our pajamas and sip on our favorite cuppa while watching the end of a perfectly new iPhone 6 Plus. Pretty much imbalanced world out there, don’t you think so? Others are scraping day by day just to get by, and here we are with someone shooting up an iPhone 6 Plus for fun – and of course, the novelty factor.

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