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Gizmodo seems to have the knack of getting their hands yet-to-be-released iPhones, and it looks like their Brazil website managed to get their hands on photos of what they’re claiming is a cheaper version of the iPhone 4. Now if you have been following iPhone rumors in the past, you’ll know that there have been rumors suggesting two iPhone releases – a cheaper iPhone which will be based off the iPhone 4, and your regular iPhone 5.

According to the photos, this device while looking much like an iPhone 4, is sporting a N90A model, which has previously shown up in Apple’s inventory along with a N94 model, suggesting that perhaps the N90A could be a cheaper iPhone model. If that is the case, the photo you’re looking at above could very well be the cheaper iPhone 4, which we guess isn’t that groundbreaking since it looks exactly like the iPhone 4.

Gizmodo Brazil’s editor-in-chief, Pedro Burgos, is saying that unfortunately it does not look like these batch of iPhones will be leaving Foxconn Brazil’s factory anytime soon as they have been marked as “reprovado” (disqualified) due to “lenses stained”. If this is the case, I wonder what will they be unveiling tomorrow at Apple’s iPhone event.

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