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ios-passcode-flawIf you are one of those folks who always love to be on the cutting edge of technology, surely you who own the iPhone 4S would want to get the latest version of the operating system, no? Unfortunately for some iPhone 4S owners, installing the iOS 6.1 on your respective smartphones would have brought more grief than joy. The reason behind that? There is an issue with iOS 6.1’s passcode lock feature, where a glitch in this particular system update would make it far too easy for someone to break into a passcode protected Apple iPhone 4S.

This would mean it is folly to safeguard your handset via the passcode lock method alone if your iPhone 4S is running on iOS 6.1, and it could very well mean that we should be able to see an iOS 6.1.2 update roll out sometime in the near future, if Apple knows what is good for them, of course.

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