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When RIM shipped the Blackberry Playbook, it was no secret that it was rushed and while the hardware of the Playbook was indeed a thing to behold, in terms of software we were quite disappointed by the lack of native apps among other things. Despite several updates having rolled out so far, it appears that none of the updates have brought along the fixes and features that many Playbook users have been asking for although now some are speculating that RIM is waiting for the 2.0 before they push out all these major features.

No word on what the update will be bringing, although the “tipsters” are claiming it will bring all the features that were missing before i.e. direct email, calendar, contacts, and who could forget, BBM. Some are also speculating that perhaps we might be getting a preview of the update at Blackberry DevCon which is starting on the 18th of October. Perhaps the arrival of native Blackberry features might start to see a rise of sales for the Playbook, assuming it hasn’t been completely overshadowed by other tablets.

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