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ipad2b_fThieves are supposed to be smart – after all, they are always conniving, thinking of different ways to actually nick a particular item that does not belong to them. Well, it seems that not all thieves are smart – which is why we have a story of a 33-year old thief who apparently took a tablet from a charity shop – and returned it eight days later. Apparently, he was unable to figure out how to operate it, that’s why.

This is definitely one of the weirder news stories that we have come across, where Christopher Hooson picked up an Android tablet (and not an iPad as shown in the illustration above) from the Jonny Kennedy store in Whitley Bay, England. After eight days had gone by of him unsuccessfully attempting to operate it, he decided to “donate” it to the store where he stole it from.

Well, thankfully there were CCTVs at that particular charity shop that allowed the staff to recognize him, before they called the police to apprehend him.

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