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bbm-channelsBBM for iOS and Android does help bridge the gap of communications between users of those platforms alongside BlackBerry OS users, but it has not quite managed to have the kind of catalytic effect, so much so that Windows Phone 8 had already overtaken BlackBerry OS in many markets worldwide. Having said that, BlackBerry is not quite done just yet, and they have revealed that in 2014, BBM for iOS as well as Android will be getting its fair share of features that will bring it up to speed with BBM on BlackBerry OS.

The two significant changes would be BBM Voice and BBM Channels for iOS and Android users, where the former allows you to carry out voice chats with your contacts without eating into your minutes, while the latter would be some sort of social network for BBM users. At last, 2014 will see BB10, Android and iOS owners come together in an even more unified manner. [Press Release]

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