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bbm-wp-betaIn the fast paced world of technology, things can certainly change in an instant. For starters, it was not too long ago (less than 10 years back) that BlackBerry Messenger (also known as BBM) happened to be the most notable messaging platforms to take advantage of since it does bypass carrier SMS rates, which means you can message someone in a different country who is using a BlackBerry without having to fork out exorbitant rates, making it a powerful tool for business. Well, the advent of cheaper smartphones, data plans and apps like WhatsApp have turned BBM into a relic of the past. Unfortunately, in a move that looks a little bit too late for BlackBerry, BlackBerry Messenger has just arrived on the Windows Phone platform, as rumored in the past.

Right now, this new BBM app will remain in private beta, and according to a reddit user who claims that he/she has nothing to do or is associated with BlackBerry, mentioned of knowledge that BBM on Windows Phone will exit private beta not too far away in the future, although there is no concrete and solid facts to back that particular claim.

I suppose if you are already running on the likes of Skype, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and even the old faithful, SMS, you might want to consider BBM to be part of your messaging “arsenal” in the future.

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