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surfacepro3Microsoft is looking towards a successful launch of their new “laplet”, or laptop that doubles up as a tablet (and vice versa, depending on your point of view), by releasing the Surface Pro 3 that was announced not too long ago. Unfortunately for this Windows 8.1-powered hybrid computer, early reviews have pointed out a relatively short battery life which is not something that is welcome for such a portable device.

Apparently, leaving the Surface Pro 3 charged overnight still resulted in an empty battery the next day, and being unable to turn it on even when hooked up to a power outlet is disappointing to say the least. Microsoft is aware of the issue and claims that they will have a software fix for the issue before the Surface Pro 3’s general availability.

This is a good thing, since it is always a cardinal sin to have a botched release as consumers generally hate that. Thankfully, it also translates to the fact that the problem lies with the software, and not the hardware.

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