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When users got the Blackberry Playbook, they were sure that they would be able to use the tablet to check their contacts, calenders, e-mails, use BBM, etc. They pretty much expected the Playbook to be an extension of their Blackberry device, but they were left sorely disappointed as the Playbook did not come with the said native apps. Instead what RIM had decided to do was create an app, called the Bridge which would “bridge” Blackberry devices with the Playbook. However the app had to go through AT&T approval, a process which has taken a very long time.

Good news though, because a couple of days ago the Bridge app was finally approved by AT&T who claimed that users will now be able to tether their Blackberry devices to the Playbook, allowing them to check emails, calenders and contacts. There is no fee involved unless they plan to tether their Blackberry device to the Playbook for internet access, at which the fee would be $20 a month.

The app should already be available in the Blackberry App World if you have not downloaded your copy already.

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