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lg-h810It looks as though the trend for smartphone manufacturers would be to roll out a brand new model each year where their flagship device is concerned, and LG with their highly acclaimed LG G3 is well on its way to receive a successor which will most probably be known as the LG G4 later this year. In fact, a leaked document containing an RDF file does point to an LG phone that carries the model number LG-H810. There are whispers on the street that claim that this is the LG G4 which is making its way toward AT&T, where the device will feature a 1440 x 2560 resolution display – which makes sense if it were to keep up with the times.

It seems that the LG G 4 could also feature an SoC that would see action on majority of the early 2015 flagship handsets, namely the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chipset – which would then place it on par with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S6, Xiaomi Mi Note Pro and the Sony Xperia Z4, among others .Hopefully more will be revealed in due time, especially at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain in early March.

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