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apple_logoApple is well known to be a company that continues to push the envelope when it comes to technological advancements and firsts. This time around, Cupertino has introduced the first ever automated security update for Mac computers in order to assist them in preventing attacks from recently identified bugs, which are also the very same bugs that that security researchers have pinpointed and warned against, as those could be the gateway for hackers to actually gain remote control of machines.

This automated security update was introduced on Monday so that it can fix critical security vulnerabilities in a component of the OS X operating system, which is known as network time protocol, or NTP. Apple spokesman Bill Evans did share that NTP was used for synchronizing clocks on computer systems.

Gone are the days when Mac users will laugh at PC owners on the perils of using the latter, where there are viruses and the like to worry about, as the Mac platform no longer has the moral high ground to lay such a claim, although such incidents are still far less on the Mac platform even right now as opposed to those using PCs. The beauty of this update? It is seamless enough, that you do not even need to restart your machine after it has been applied, how thoughtful is that by Apple? Does this mean we will soon see similar updates arrive on the iOS platform in the same manner down the road?

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