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I am sure most of us following the tech news are aware that only a couple of days ago there was an explosion at the Foxconn factory which injured many and left 3 dead in its wake. Our sympathies go out to those affected and their families of course, but what was interesting about this explosion was that it happened at the building which was supposedly where the iPad 2’s were being manufactured.

Now the iPad 2 had some supply shortages to begin during Q1 but things were supposedly picking up until this devastating news hit. However it looks like according to the comments from Foxconn to their suppliers:

“Sources said the explosion at Foxconn Technology Groups Chengdu plant did not affect the assembly line of iPad. Foxconn assured major suppliers at an online meeting yesterday that under the principle of orders placed and goods delivered as usual, the production of iPad 2 would not be delayed and related iPhone devices and new iPad products would still be in mass production in the third quarter.”

For iPad 2 hopefuls, it looks like things are still on track despite the recent tragedy.

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