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One of the cool features of a map app is that it helps us navigate otherwise unfamiliar territory, what what if we were in indoors, how would that help us, right? Well the good news for Android users is that Google has updated their Google Maps app to version 6.0 and with this update comes the ability to read indoor maps as pictured above.

The picture above is that of the Mall of America in Minneapolis, with the map on the left showing the overall map, and the picture to the right showing a detailed floor map. Pretty neat huh? Google has managed to team up with several airports and malls in the US and Japan to provide these indoor maps, so that means that not every mall you go to will feature an indoor map, at least for now.

If you’re interested in checking out additional features or get more information on this update, you can head on down to Google’s Blog for more info, or you can update your current copy of Google Maps to version 6.0 and check it out yourself!

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