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android-one-lollipop-indiaFor anything to be a success, one will need to sit down and analyze the situation to see what went wrong in the past in order to avoid similar mistakes in the future. Google must have done that with their Android One program which was first launched in India last year in an effort to penetrate the smartphone market there, as the country has the world’s second largest population. However, it did not do too well, which is why Google might be working to relax the requirements that are in place for Android One devices so that manufacturers will have a freer rein when it comes to pricing details and features.

It is said that the first device under the new Android One requirements will roll out in the months ahead alongside a partnership with India’s Lava International, where pricing details of this device remains unknown, although one might see it retain the $100 price point that original handsets in the Android One initiative were sold for.

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