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lollipop-distriIt looks like folks who have been rooting for Android Lollipop will be pleased to take note that early this month, there has been an increase in its installation share to 23.5% across all Android-powered devices that are in the market. In September, Lollipop crossed the 20% mark in Google’s Android distribution chart, and this means that there is a wee bit of progress for this month.

Slowly but surely would be the mantra for Android 5.x Lollipop, but how do the other operating system versions fare? Well, KitKat sees a slight drop to 38.9% from 39.2% in September, while all three iterations of Jelly Bean will now carry a 30.2% market share, which is a wee bit less than the 31.8% in the previous month. As for Ice Cream Sandwich, it will drop to 3.4% from 3.7%, with Gingerbread taking a 3.8% share from 4.1% previously. Strangely enough, Froyo remains the same at 0.2% of installs.

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