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The title says it all, and that was pretty quick. It was only yesterday when the iOS 5 was announced and the beta was made available to developers but yet wasting little to no time, hackers MuscleNerd and Co have managed to jailbreak iOS 5 on the iPod touch fourth generation. The exploit they used was the limera1n jailbreak which means that iOS 5 presented the hackers with little surprises when it came to closing the loop holes that would make the limera1n exploit work.

Naturally the iOS 5 is currently in beta which means there are probably still plenty of holes to be exploited and we can only assume that in the final release iOS 5 would-be hackers will have a harder time trying to jailbreak it. However this is good news for those on jailbroken devices who were worried that they might be in for a rather long wait when it comes to getting the jailbroken version if iOS 5 on their devices.

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