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samsung-belgium“An eye for an eye”, or so you have heard, but Samsung Belgium has something cheeky up their sleeves. As you read this, Apple has already announced their latest iPhone 6 Plus, which is a device that is guaranteed to generate a whole lot of chatter through various online channels, including that on Twitter and Facebook. Apparently, Samsung Belgium intends to purchase a pear for every tweet about an apple, and these purchased fruits will be handed out for free to folks who happen to be at the Brussels-North railway station.

Of course, one might actually wonder why is Samsung doing this, and why not settle for oranges since the cliched saying tends to go something like this, “don’t compare apples with oranges”. Apparently, there has been recent bans on imports and exports to and from Russia, and Belgian pear cultivators happen to be in a precarious position since that would translate to an approximate revenue loss of 40%. This move by Samsung is to assist local farmers by purchasing what will most probably be a whole lot of pears.

To participate in Samsung Belgium’s campaign, just make sure you utilize the #aPearForAnApple hashtag whenever you tweet, and you are good to go. Pretty creative campaign for a win-win situation, don’t you think so?

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