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According to a speech delivered by Steve Ballmer in Japan, he went on to reveal that in the Mango update of their Windows Phone 7 operating system will feature over 500 new features which seems like a load of new features if you ask me. There have also been rumors that tomorrow will reveal 9 new Windows Phone 7 devices as well. The manufacturers that will be part of the unveiling are HTC, Samsung, Dell and Acer, if those rumors are to be trusted.

Windows Phone 7 has not taken off quite like Microsoft had intended, with Android and iOS being leaps and bounds ahead of it but perhaps with the Mango update to their operating system this could change things, especially with the unveiling of apparently 9 new WP7 devices. It’s strange that there has been no mention of the said devices until today, a day before the launch and announcement which could mean that either Microsoft is really, really good at keeping their secrets much like Apple, or it could turn out that the rumors are false and we will be disappointed.

However check back tomorrow and if those rumors are true we will have 9 new WP7 devices for you to check out!

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